???? Front-End Development (H5,Nodejs, Egret)

???? Front-End Development (H5,Nodejs, Egret)


???? Front-End Development (H5,Nodejs, Egret)

Details of the offer

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single-page application?????;
????2?Javascript??(Vue/React/Angular/js) ?
????Mysql, Redis??????;
Job Description
1. Responsible for writing and maintaining H5 front-end programs and optimizing page performance;
2. Cooperate with visual designers and back-end engineers to connect APIs and complete product development;
3. R & D of web and mobile games based on HTML5 related technologies;
4. Responsible for project front-end code writing and interactive application design, module design, code implementation and documentation;
5. Independently responsible for the design and development of back-end core modules;
6. Need to analyze project requirements, code optimization, performance optimization, and be able to give good solutions.
Job Requirement
1. Master at least one H5 game engine (Cocos-js, Egret, Laya);
2. Experience with Gulp / Webpack and 7, RWD;
3. Familiar with the front-end automatic deployment, testing and production environment debugging and browser rendering and page optimization;
4.Single-page application development experience;
5. Familiar with docker operation and application, nginx, redis, mariadb, node, js;
6. Familiar with at least 2 Javascript frameworks (Vue / React / Angular / js).
1. Proficiency in an Egret game engine. Experience in H5 game development is preferred, and can use H5 features to quickly and easily build mobile game projects.
2. Proficient in languages such as JavaScript / TypeScript, and have a good idea of object-oriented programming;
3. Familiar with network protocols such as WebSocket and HTTP, and understand data protocols such as Json and Protobuf;
4. Good communication skills and strong sense of responsibility.
More than 2 years working experience in Nodejs development, excellent Javascript basic skills, familiar with ES6 / 7 related syntax knowledge;
2. Have a certain understanding of the framework and nodejs high-performance services and be proficient in using the nodejs framework, such as Koa, thinkjs, Express, etc., and proficient in automated testing;
3. Familiar with Mysql, Redis and other related databases;
4. Master TCP / HTTP and be proficient in using RESTful standards.
??:?????EPF? ??SOCSO?????????;???????
**Candidates who partially fulfilled the job requirements are welcomed to apply
Salary will be discussed during interview and are given based on working experience and ability
Benefit: EPF, SOCSO, annual leave, meal and hostel are provided; salary will be revised every half year
Working hour: 9 hours including lunch time, 6 off days per month (based on timetable given)

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